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Discover the essence of Indian culinary tradition with Kuremal Kulfi menu. Indulge in timeless classics like Malai Kulfi, infused with the richness of pure milk, or the nutty delight of Pista Kulfi. For a taste of tropical paradise, try our Mango Kulfi, bursting with the flavor of ripe mangoes. Explore exotic fruit flavors such as Guava Kulfi and Sitaphal Kulfi, capturing the essence of summer in every bite. Dive into innovation with Paan Kulfi, a sensory delight blending betel leaves and spices, or Thandai Kulfi, a festive fusion of fragrant spices and nuts. Catering to diverse preferences, we offer Sugar-Free Kulfi and Vegan Kulfi options without compromising on taste. At Kuremal Kulfi, each frozen treat is a masterpiece, crafted with care to evoke nostalgia and create unforgettable culinary experiences kuremal kulfi menu

kuremal kulfi menu

Kuremal Kulfi Menu

Kuremal Kesar Pista                  90/-

Kuremal Plain Cream                 90/-

Kuremal Fruit Cream                  90/-

Kuremal Rose Cream                 90/-

Kuremal Rabri Gulkand             90/-

Kuremal Pan Kulfi                      90/-

Kuremal Mango                          90/-

Kuremal Chocolate                    90/-

Kuremal Guava                           90/-

Kuremal Strawberry                   90/-

Kuremal Lichi                              90/-

Kuremal Shariffa                        90/-

Kuremal Anjeer                          90/-

Kuremal Chickoo                       90/-

Kuremal Coconut Kulfi             90/-

Kuremal American Dry Fruit   90/-


Kuremal Stuffed Mango                  250/-

Kuremal Stuffed Apple                    250/- 

Kuremal Stuffed Orange                 250/-

Kuremal Stuffed Anara                    250/-

Kuremal Stuffed Guava                   250/-


Kuremal Anar                  90/-

Kuremal Falsa                 90/-

Kuremal Jamnu               90/-

Kuremal Kiwi                   90/-

Kuremal Panna               90/-

Kuremal Imli                    90/-

Kuremal Nimbu Masala 90/-

Kuremal Kala Khatta      90/-

Kuremal Aloo Bukhara  90/-

Kuremal Sarbat              90/-

Kuremal Aam Papar      90/-

Kuremal Grapes             90/-

Kuremal Mint Mojito     90/-


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