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Kuremal Mahavir Parsad Kulfi Wale

Name it and we have it, all the seasonal fruits ;Anar, Falsa, Chikoo, Mango, Litchi, Banana, Pista, Kala Khatta, AamPapad, PannaKulfi, SharifaKulfi, AnjirKulfi, JamunKulfi, Blackberry Sharbat, KewdaKulfi... And not to forget delicious Gulkand Kulfi. The Rabri Kulfi (Rabri Kulfi is oldest kulfi) is one of the best-seller from our menu. You get these cool varieties of kulfis in the range of RS. 60-500, suiting the pockets and taste buds. Hurry up and Do not miss out on any flavour at Kuremal Mahavir Prasad kulfiwale! Kuremal Kulfi is a very old and popular shop in Purani Dilli. It was established in 1906 and has been serving our customers since then. We have our store in Chawri Bazar. We cater in Delhi and outside Delhi as well Kuremal Mahavir Prasad Kulfiwale (Kuremal Kulfi) has served many reputed celebrity clients. We also offer home delivery and you can also visit our store. Loaded with real goodness and fruits, kulfis here aren't just unique but tastiest as well. Wide range of flavours makes the dessert cravings totally irresistible.No Indian meal is complete without a serving of our own desi ice-cream, the Kulfi!

Our Products

Rabrikulfi cream Rabri kulfi cream is a treat for your mouth. This simple kulfi tastes like heaven in your mouth. This kulfi is simple and yet remarkable.The flavours that you can find here are as follows:
• Rabri • Rabri Kesar Pista • Rabri Mango Grapes • Rabri Custrad Apple • Kulfi Falooda
• Rabri Gulkand • Cream Plain • Cream Mango Slice • Cream Banana • Cream Chocolate
• Cream Grapes • Cream Fruit (Badam, Kaju, Kesar) • Fruits Cream • Kulfi
KulfiJulpeps This kulfi have a very rich flavour and have a very long shelf life. This kulfi will surely give you an excellent after taste. The flavours that you can find below are as follows:
• Mango • Anar • Falsa • Sharif • Cheeku • Lichi • Panna • Kiwi
• Guava • Water Melon • Grapes • Apples • Kewra • Nimbu Masala • Kala Khatta • Pineapple
• Rasbari • Mix Fruit • Tirangi / Pachrangi • Shrda • Imli (Sweet Tamarind) • Aloo Bukhara
Stick Kulfi The very common and old kulfi that everyone likes. You can find this kulfi very easily here and you can enjoy it anytime. It have an excellent flavour with excellent quality. The Flavours that you can find here are as follows:
• Tirangi (Three in one) • Pan • Rose • Rabri
• Cream • Mango • Anar
Dry Fruit Kulfi The dry fruit kulfi is a traditional. This kulfi is loaded with Dry fruits and flavoured with cardamom. You can also try and combine it many other kulfis. Some of the kulfi flavours that you can find here are as follows: • Pista • Badam • Kaju • Mix Dry Fruit Kulfi
Stuffed Kulfi This kulfi is the most popular kulfi in our store. You can find flavours like Mango, Orange, Apple, Pineapple, and Pomegranate (Anar). They are rich in flavour and are pocket friendly. The flavours that you can find here are as follows:
• Mango • Orange • Apple • Mausami
• Guava • Kharbuja / Kachri • Dragon Fruit
Kesar Milk This milk is rich in taste and is very popular among delhites. You can find 4 type of flavoured milk- Kesar, Pista, Badam, and Honey. They can be found in both cold and hot style. We also have Cold flavoured Milk Bottles. Roller kulfi The special Kulfi which is loved by many. This kulfi is unadulterated and have a very unique taste. Kulfas Our Kulfas range from Spl. Kulfa, Fruit kulfa with jelly, Rabri Kesar Pista with Faluda, Mango Kulfa with Mango Slice, Honey fig with Honey, Rose Kulfa Gift Packaging We also stand out in providing the best gift packaging in kulfi to make your all occasions delightful

We ship all over Delhi & NCR
We are available 24*7
We ship all over Delhi & NCR
We are available 24*7